Released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, and in Europe on 1 September, 2005.

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How do I fix the WLAN switch?

The switch is loose and won't turn on my Internet access.

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I just want to bring up that a PSP has only 802.11b WiFi. Most locations only have 802.11G or newer WiFi.

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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The only answer is to go to Sonny costumer service for repairs.or if you have good screwdrivers and your PSP is out of warranty you coud try to dismantle it yourself.

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Sony won't help. This product hasn't been made in over 12 years.

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