MacBook 제품군은 2006년 5월에 처음 소개되었으며 Apple의 가정용 노트북 iBook을 대체하였습니다.

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How to fix and upgrade Intel MacBook (late 2006)?

I have continuing trouble with new files and downloads being corrupted the first time I try to access them after I forced a shut-down during a reclaim of space operation 6 months ago. I took it to the genius bar and was told there might be trouble with my ramm I installed in 2007, but after installing the original ramm I still have the same trouble. I've read 62 pages of questions here and have come up with either my hdd is going or I need to reinstall the os. Since I don't have the disk, I've purchased a new hdd AND bought Snow Lepoard- now I'd like to know whether I should clone to the new hdd THEN upgrade the os, or should I upgrade the os and then clone to the new hdd?

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As is even photos I have tried to import from my camera to iPhoto show up but some appear as corrupted files - when I then copy direct from the SD card to the finder by dragging the files over show up with some files ok and some corrupted. So now I've tried to format the new hdd using disk utility and it fails with the error "disk could not be unjointed" . So now would I just try to backup everything and then upgrade to os x 10.6.3 which I just purchased? Will that correct the files showing up corrupted?

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I don't know how to get the StuffIt 11 because new downloaded files are "corrupted" as soon as I try to use them! Again I think my only hope is to upgrade the os - right?

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So I did follow your link and since I have os x 10.4.9 I cannot use it without first upgrading my os. I have spent most of the day trying to make a complete copy of my hdd with superduper! but it has had to be restarted from the beginning three times because of unreadable files. I'm hopeful I can put the new hdd in with the copied files and then do the upgrade to 10.6.3. Unless there is a better way - and I'm willing to try anything which will restore the ability to work with my photos without having some arrive from my camera card as unreadable files. Is there another suggestion?

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Personally, I've seen this problem on other machines. I fixed it by downloading the new Stuffit 11. The problem I saw was in decompressing any downloaded files. This was using 10.6.5.

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Here's where to get the Stuffit Expander. I know, but it sure won't work if you don't try. Next I would get rid of the viruses. I use Norton Anti-Virus. Of the Macs I've had come in in the last 6 months 3/4 have been infected. I've seen more viruses in the last 6 months than in the last thirty years.

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See if you can start up from the 10.6 disk by holding down the "C" key. Go to the second page pull down menu to Utilities -> Disk Utility and see if you can repair your hard drive. With the files repaired you may be able to move them with much greater ease.

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