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not connecting to Internet Explorer without "fix proble," pop up

When I open Internet Explorer, I get a pop up to fix the problem. After fixing it does open. Tells me there was a cable not properly connected. I don't have a cable. It is wireless laptop.

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I suggest google chrome.


It looks better and runs better than internet explorer. And it doesn't have those stupid errors.

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Actually it sounds to be an O/S issue and not an issue with the browser. The error that you're describing is coming from Windows and not from the browser. So changing the browser doesn't help anything, literally anything. Update all the drivers including chipset and BIOS.

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Jeff. It is still worth a shot. Internet explorer sucks. Period. If it still doesn't work, its probably a wifi issue, not a chipset or bios issue.

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Ones preference in browser not withstanding, to tell someone to use a different browser doesn't help the issue. See he's describing an O/S or system issue. And you're tell him to use a different software that doesn't help the issue because if Windows says there isn't any available internet chrome isn't going to miraculously fix the issue. Sorry it won't matter, if windows is reporting that it cannot connect to the internet, it doesn't matter what you're using for a browser (chrome, IE, Firefox, edge etc). And attempting to resolve it by updating the drivers and BIOS may help to fix the issue but at least your dealing with the issue instead of using another software that doesn't do anything but give a website once you're 'On The Internet'.

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Jeff. It might just be some issue with IE. If it doesnt work, i will find other options.

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No it isn't an issue with IE, see I have a ton of experience in this from being a lowly 1st level HD rep to System Admin to Level 2-3 Desktop tech and you have to a read between the lines and know what the user is describing. There is no message that comes from IE like that. So it is the O/S and what I put out there is the correct way to troubleshoot and resolve said issue. What you placed is quite frankly irresponsible. Whether you have a valid argument regarding the browser or not. Again your opinion on browser isn't going to help the user out in the long run.

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