PS3 HDMI & sound doesnt work after YLOD repair


My ps3 had YLOD and i have sent it to a service company to repair it.

After a few days, they called me and said the repair cannot be done, they tried but the repair failed and they send it back.

But when i got it and turned it on, there were no Yello light signals anymore, the PS3 was working and not turning off, the only issue was the HDMI and sound wasn't working at all.

I then tried with AV-Component cable and the display was showing up normally, but again there was no sound.

So i used an optical cable connected to a receiver in order to have sound.

My question is, how to repair the HDMI and sound problem?Is there any part of the M/B that needs to be reflow with heatgun, or there's not a chance to repair it?

I dont know what they have done, but seems they made the unit working, but they screwed up the HDMI and sound.

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Its the First generation fat, 60GB.

I can try that yes, i was just wondering if i should focus on a specific part on the m/b in order to make either the HDMI or sound to work.

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You may be able to find a guide online, but unfortunately, my experience ends here. You can potentially focus on the HDMI area but it is also possible that there is a dedicated sound chip of sorts. If you can find a mainboard schematic, see if that exists. That might be an area to focus on. Hope that helps!

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I had this same issue with a RRODing Xbox 360. You could try re flowing the motherboard. Don't hold me to this, as my console experience is limited, so I'm not entirely sure of myself here. The HDMI could be dead, or maybe a component of the motherboard. Also, will you tell me what PS3 it is? is it a Slim or a Super Slim or a Fat?

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Probably a fat, because if the storage capacity. Possibly a slim.

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