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WiFi connects but drops after a few moments

My WiFi connects automatically but drops out after a few moments. I have tried the following steps as suggested by Motorola support:

You may now apply this troubleshooting steps for as to resolve the issue :

1. Go to the setting

2. Go to the Apps

3. Swipe the screen going the left until you reach the "ALL"

4. And then you may see there the "3 dots" on the upper right

5. And touch "Reset App Preferences"

If your device still experiencing the same issue next is apply this SAFE MODE

1. Press and hold Power Button until you see Power Off that pops up on the phone's screen.

2) Press and hold Power Off then tap Ok to enable safe mode.

Factory Data Reset

If you wish to remove all personal information from the device, or are experiencing software issues, perform a Factory Data Reset. This deletes any data stored on the phone.

Still have the problem.

thanks in advance for any help.


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Is this happening only on your home WiFi, or is all WiFi?

If it is just your home WiFi, go in to your home WiFi router's settings.

Find the WiFi section in the config of the router.

Change to a different Channel. Depending on your environment, you may need to experiment.

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Thank you, However, this is not a router problem, No one else in the house has this problem. It persists everywhere I go that has Wifi.

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