Why my laptop stuck in using?

Laptop stuck in using

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Many possible reasons:

1.) Virus or other kinds of malware.

2.) Programs running in the background.

3.) Or one just specific startup program which is hijacking the computer resources.

This is what I will do.

If you have not been able to identify the program (which might be causing this) following what Anonymous has suggested...

1.) Run the system in safe mode and check it's performance. If the problem persists, do a boot scan with a good virus scanner like Avast (available for free). If the problem still continues then there could be a problem.

2.) If in safe mode the computer is running fine. Then run a virus scan (no need if you have already run a boot scan). Go to startup items configuration file (Go to Run, type in msconfig). In the mscofig window, click on services tab, at the bottom check the "Hide all microsoft services". This hides the microsoft services from the window. Then uncheck or disable all the remaining services. Click on Startup tab at the top of the window. Disable or uncheck all the programs listed. Save and restart. If the problem is resolved. then you can one by one enable the startup programs and services till you isolate which one is the cause.

3.) Run a chkdsk c: /f/r in command window. It might take a while if the hard drive is pretty huge.

4.) If it is still not working. Try to do a system restore.

5.) If that also fails, then no other option but a reinstallation.

Hope this helps.

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