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Why was my video camera light a bright Red instead of the usual green?

I was using my laptop to do a private Skype video call while I was away from my home. I noticed that while I was on the video call, the light located next to the camera (which is built in to the laptop) was a bright RED instead of the usual green color. I just can't figure out why! I did an Avast scan afterwards and everything checked out good. When I did another video call, on a different day, the light was back to green again.

I just can't figure this out. I'm worried someone might have somehow been able to get into my laptop and record this one video call. Is that even possible to do on an Asus laptop during a private Skype video call? (since they are encrypted) Would THAT cause the green light to change to a Red one? Or, if I did something wrong then I really want to know so I don't do it again. And if it's a sign that my laptop camera is breaking down, I need to know so I can do something to save it.

Has anyone else had this happen too? And what caused it to change?

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If it happened once and that was it, your fine. There might have been some setting or program that was different that made it red.

If it keeps going from red to green, there could be an issue, but like i said, you are probably fine. Computers tend to act funny.

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Thanks for your response. I just really need to know why it did that to my Asus F555L laptop. I've searched so much and can't find an answer. I don't trust bringing it in to get checked out unless I absolutely need to do so, which is why I am seeking some help here. I want to believe that it's all ok, but I really need to know something more solid, to know if this has happened to someone else and what caused it.

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Like i already said, it seems like some other function was active or it was simply just a glitch. The reason you cant find anything is because its not an issue, if it was you would be able to find some info.

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