The Toshiba Satellite P775-S7320 is black with a textured lid that has a shiny silver Toshiba logo in the center. The laptop includes a smudge resistant wrist rest as well. This model was released in 2011.

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Computer turns on, but it doesn't?

I turn on the computer and fans spin, it makes noise, hard-drive starts spinning up, and then nothing. Nothing pops up on screen, (Screen is NOT broken as I tested that first with a HDMI cable) so my guess is that the BIOS needs to be reset... but Toshiba doesn't exactly help with any of this by not have public schematics or even guides on how to fix it, I called their tech support and they wanted 20$ USD just to talk to them. So I turn to the internet now.

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Unplug the power cable, remove the battery and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Let me know if this helps?

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IT PRO here.....

Now to get this straight here you did test the HDMI port... fan and everything comes on..

It sounds like the LCD itself is dysfunctional. Which is the screen on the actual lid of the laptop.

The HDMI cable you plugged into the laptop ties into graphics card which bypasses the screen itself all together.

It seems like you will be in need of a replacement LCD.

Let us know if the battery unplugging worked otherwise you will have to replace the screen.

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