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2014년 9월 19일에 출시된 이 4.7” 스크린 iPhone은 iPhone 6 Plus의 작은 버전입니다. 모델 번호 A1549, A1586 및 A1589로 식별됩니다.

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I phone 6 won't charge after battery and charging port was replaced


First of all, just to identify the 2 iPhone 6 that will be mention on the description.

iphone 6a- working perfectly

iphone 6b- non charging phone

I'm having some problems with my iphone 6b battery charge. Suddenly the phone began to drain the battery very fast; so battery was replaced. Then it only charge up to 30% and then disappeared the lightning logo that indicated that it's charging. Then lightning cable wasn't recognized, so battery died.

I've tried to charge the phone with several lightning cables and adapters (all of them original), but the problem persist and does not recognize the cable and the phone does nothing. Lightning cable charge iphone 6a perfectly, so that's means that the cable is working properly.

Charging port was replaced to iphone 6b, but still doing nothing.

Tried to connect to the computer and wasn't recognized either, so can't to put on DFU mode. Hard reset done already and problem persist.

To eliminate possible damaged parts, the new battery was connected to iphone 6a and was charged perfectly. Then iphone 6a's charge port was switched to iphone 6b and phone still doing nothing.

So I understand that it's neither the cable nor the charging port nor the battery.

What's wrong and doesn't allow charge the battery?

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@puro_teatro, Krd, Probable Charging IC bad, which would require Micro soldering to replace. See IC replacement video link below and link to replacement chip. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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@lpfaff1 Thank you so much for your prompt answer. I'll bring it to a service center to replace the charging IC chip to verify if it's the problem. I'll keep posted.

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Krd, thanks for posting back, hope it works out for you, good luck with your iPhone 6.

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Problem solved with your recommendation. Thank you so much :-)

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I am finding this issue on the majority of IPhone 5 (all series), 6 & 6s (including plus versions when the batteries are replaced. I know that it is the charge IC for sure as I can always replace them. My question is, why is this happening? The instances are far too high in my opinion.

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