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Released July 12, 2002. Identified by model number K45SSWH.

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Won't work at higher speeds

KitchenAid Mixer KP26M1XPM5

I live in Costa bringing it in for repair won't work.

My mixer is only a couple of years old, and I haven't used it in awhile. The last time was to put a pasta attachment on it and it worked great.

The problem: It works great up to speed 3, then it won't ramp up past that speed.

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Improperly Connected Hall Sensor

Before buying any new parts, make sure that the connection between the control board and the hall sensor is nice and snug. The hall sensor, a grey wire with a three pronged end, is connected between the speed lever and control board. This connection could become loose due to the vibrations of the mixer. Also, the mixer will not work if the connection is not oriented properly. Using trial and error, change the orientation of the three pronged connection to see if the mixer will begin to work. The most common sign of a failing hall sensor is if your mixer increases to top speed and then shuts down.

Faulty Circuit Board

If your mixer is still not operating correctly, you could have a faulty circuit board in the back of your mixer. See our guide on how to replace your circuit board.

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Not sure it's the hall sensor, since it will stay on for speeds 1-3...but it shuts off if I try to go any higher. But, I will check to see if it is connected.

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