I need a minor repair to the TV outlet socket

My GameCube works perfectly for the most part, except for one key bit: the outlet in which you plug the cable that connects it to the TV. It is impossible to get it to communicate with the TV in full, and difficult to get it in part - I've tested everything, and definitively isolated the problem to this one bit, I've tried multiple cables which have been tested on other consoles and proven to work, and moving the plug around in the socket (which is easy, there's a lot of wiggle room and it refuses to stay in all the way) does produce some results. If the end of the cable is propped up in such a way that it's plugged into the GameCube at just the right angle, I can get perfect sound and black-and-white visuals (getting color requires sacrificing sound), though the slightest bit of movement in the room can break this. I don't want to replace the whole system because, again, most of it is in perfect working order, it's just this one little bit that probably got jarred out of place when I moved house once and brought it with me, as that's when the problem started. Is there perhaps a way to just knock it back into place? It would be nice if I didn't even need to buy any replacement parts or anything, it's such a tiny break in a huge, otherwise-perfect machine.

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