Let's just open this up to everyone

Alright guys. So I've been thinking. Everyone having this issue with the iPhone 7/7+ home button/camera has to do with apple beta testing the iPhone X facial recognition software? With that being said, the new displays have IR sensing diodes (in theory) for the Touch ID. Display replacements and Touch ID problems a thing of the past? Also...I smell salami in my apartment..I don't have any salami...

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@pccheese I love you, lil bro! I think I know the answer, but I'll try to check in soon, I think the answer is we need to work on schematics, and of course we'll have to check in with @kaykay about the meta topic

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@theimedic help everyone understand this

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If you need 7 or 7 plus schematics I have them.

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@soros Translation (I think): Beta testing of facial recognition is making the iP7 home button/touch ID unstable.

Rumored IR touch ID somehow affects home button replacement and performance.

Salami is tasty.

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Correct @pccheese yeah, I coulda gone straight to meta. But that's for problems with iFixit. This is a community question. Don't get me started on the PRO forum

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@theimedic I put that there in case @gigabit87898 didn't know about meta. Want me to delete it?

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