USB Port 'Semi' works

Ok so this is going to be the weirdest thing you'll read because the issue even mind boggles me.

So my galaxy S6 edge (G925F) 32GB phone a couple of months stopped connecting to my PC properly with Windows giving an error message like "USB device not recognised"

So I kept troubleshooting and decided to send it back to Samsung under warranty (which it didnt have due to knox being voided) to see if I could at least get an insight into whats happening. After 2 weeks of waiting they sent me my phone back with a note saying "The phone could not be repaired due to it being severely internally damaged"

I decided to go to eBay and buy myself a cheap charging board replacement and installed it myself and to my surprise IT WORKED!!!.......... for a little while

Same thing happened again but I didnt exactly care since I now had my charging capability back, and then I noticed my phone would NOT charge at the right speed so again I bought a new charging board this being the one I still have now.

The new charging board has fixed the slow charging issue however, fingerprint and headphone jack no longer works basically making me lose features of my phone.

However, something else I noticed is that if I plug in my INTEGRAL 8GB USB or a mouse via OTG they work fine but my PC still displays "USB device not recognised" and my 32GB SanDisk USB doesnt work either.

Anyone got any insight into the problem since I'd like to have my phone fully working again with PC connection fingerprint and headphones working.



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