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lost a small connector, phone still works

My phone stopped charging so I replaced the whole charging port, but this small connector right above the loud speaker fell off its wire. The thing is my phone works like normal. I can charge it, wifi works, 4g works, speaker works.

I dont understand, what does that connector do? I tried adding a photo

Block Image

edit: The connector im talking about has a red circle around it on the picture, the wire it used to sit on has a green circle

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Thanks, I tried called two people and had no problem with the signal, I guess its no a big problem then.

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How possible network connector is open and phone still get network

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This is the main cellular antenna, right now your phone is on secondary antenna so it still appears to work, but expect significant 4G speed reduction and increased battery drain.

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REF: iPhone 5s Lightning Connector Replacement

Look at Step 23. Are you referring to the antenna connector? Is it a round connector attached to a 1 inch long cable that pushes on top of its mating connector on the circuit board? I believe this is your primary/main antenna for cellular reception. Given that you have cellular reception, my guess the consequence for breaking this connector will be you won't have cellular reception is weaker signal areas where you used to have reception.

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Shortly: This is the cell-antenna and you need to connect it on the board at this little round connector.

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