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Replace RAM in G5 Power Mac New does not show up

I place 4 1 gb RAM cards and none of them are recognized.

I checked to be sure they are seated well. They are.

I avoided the "high density" RAM chips because my research showed they were not compatible with Apple G5 Power Macs.

I order the "low density" RAM chips.

Do you know if this was a mistake or might it be something else.


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Checking Mactracker I find the following memory requirements


Early 2004 to early 2005---PC-3200

Late 2005---PC2-4200

Assuming your memory matches these requirements and are of good quality they should work. Did you install them in pairs? I am including a link on The Powermac that should help you. Good luck


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would i have to install them in pairs i'm currently having the same issue at the moment, I have installed 1 1gb ram card as a booster but it is not showing in the systems secs.

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