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iPhone stuck in Boot Loop only when plugged in to power outlet.

Hello everyone,

My iPhone 6s fell this past weekend and since then has been stuck in a boot loop (apple logo appears and disappears) whenever it is plugged in to an outlet.

Ultimately I'd like to pull the data out of my phone via iTunes backup, but the problem I'm facing is that my iPhone does not seem to boot up when plugged in to my PC's usb port.

Anyone have an idea how I can enact atleast a bootloop on a PC or get my turned off iPhone recognized in iTunes?

I tried finding answers via search, but nothing seems to touch on the issue of my iPhone not booting when plugged in to a usb port on the PC.

Thank you.

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Here are some things to try when you are faced with a boot-looping phone.

  • Try a hard reset (Home & Power button for 10 secs)
  • Use a genuine Apple Lightning connector
  • Use a genuine Apple charging brick and let it charge overnight
  • Try to connect it to different computers (mac/pc if possible) with an updated iTunes
  • Put the phone in recovery mode (search DFU Mode). Careful, this can reset your data
  • Use 3uTools for putting it in and out of Recovery Mode
  • Use 3uTools to flash the firmware (you can't downgrade)
  • Check the condition of all the flexes (with magnification)
  • Disconnect the Front Camera Ribbon from the logic board and reboot your phone
  • Disconnect the screen assembly completely and see if iTunes will recognize the phone.

Otherwise, you may have a logic board issue. If you are uncomfortable doing these steps, consider finding a repair shop to do the troubleshooting. A shop that also does micro-soldering can go deeper if the problem is not modular in nature.

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Hi everyone and thank you for the responses.

It turned out my phone had simply died and I ended up having to go with the hard reset in order for my phone to work again.

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Can you explain how did the hard reset work for you? ive been stuck on this one

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Try force restart, press and hold power button and Home button at the same time about 10s until you see an Apple Logo then release it.

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I tried using 3U tool to restore my 6s from Recovery Mode. Screen with apple Logo Started flashing (@ 2-3sec per flash). On & OFF .. it is just going on. Nothing is working.

Status is also started showing “Not Connected”

When i remove the Lightening Cable from the phone, it just shuts Off Instantly.

Any Advice / suggestions ..


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DFU recovery!!! search up videos on youtube

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you may have to attempt it a few times. Ive seen reviews of people needing it upwards up 3 times before it works. It will erase ALL data, just make sure its backed up

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