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MacBook Air 11"의 2015년 3월 업데이트는 5 세대 Intel Core i5 및 i7 프로세서를 장착하고 배터리 성능이 약간 향상되었습니다.

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MacBook Air won't charge, but everything else seems to be working?


Recently spilled freaking milk on my Early 2015 Macbook Air. Popped it open, got it all cleaned up and dried out and booted it on after a few days. There doesn't appear to be any corrosion or any damage to the logic board, it all looks clean. Everything seems to be in order, didn't lose any files, boots up just fine, nothing looks out of place when in use. It's working just like normal, besides the charger not being recognized. The led on the charger doesn't come on when plugged in and the Macbook doesn't say that it's charging. Oddly, I did get it to charge once after the milk incident but now it doesn't charge at all. Could it possibly be a problem with the i/o board? Did I totally screw something up after cleaning? Or is it a logic board problem and I need to pony up the cash to get that replaced?

I do plan on taking it to an Apple store on my next day off, but thought I'd ask you fine folks in the meantime.


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Is the battery recognised? Do you get an X or percentage in the battery icon on the top?

Will machine work off battery, albeit it is not charging it?

Do you get a green light?

If you do get a green light, then most likely the problem would be on the logic board and not on an I/O board.

Update (09/09/2017)

Interesting. So it seems like the logic board is not communicating with the charger (SMC). Could be I/O board and or logic board. At first guess, you might be lucky and it is only the I/O board.

Better take laptop to Apple to have it checked.

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Battery is recognized, no X in the battery icon it shows up as a percentage just like it did pre-spill.

It does not work off battery. I disconnected the battery and tried attaching the charger and it would not boot. I did get a slow blinking green light on the charger, but it did not boot up.

Otherwise, there is no green light or any light at all from the led on the charger.

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