Should I attempt to repair water damage?

Found this on ebay; seems like a good deal if i can get it for $30-40 but it has 2 problems, water damage and game slot has bent pins. It looks like new and i couldnt see any sign of water. Should i get it? I wouldn't sell it: i want to get one for personal use.

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Hi Gigabit878,

The bent pins should be no problem as you can usually bend them back into place.

The water damage however could be at a stage far too along for recovery. If you don't mine potentially waisting $30-40 to try to save it then I would say give it a shot and follow our water damage guide to see if it rescues it.

Electronics Water Damage

Exactly. And if the guide above does not help, You could always replace the motherboard and still pay less than a new console ;))

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