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Is there any way to salvage the music on corrupted iPod?

Hey. My iPod has been corrupted for over a year now. It turns on, charges, but I can't "use" it and it doesn't get detected by the computer. I've troubleshooted and everything except for opening it up. Is there any adapter or way to move the music on to my computer/external HD? Would a battery swap fix it as it dies pretty quickly when not connected? I'm desperate.

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It sounds like either way you have to open up the iPod.

a) either replace the battery

b) fix the charge / dock port

c) take out the hard drive and connect it to this:

If the hard drive is intact, option c) will be able to let you retrieve your music. Note that Apple does some funky renaming of the files.

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Would the battery be part of the reason I can't access the iPod? Option C sounds like the way to go, but I'll go through the list and let you know. Thanks for the speedy reply!

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