What is this capacitor was burned in the logic board


we have a macbook air 2015 13", the macbook is not turning on, but it has a burnt smell. we checked the logic board and saw one of the capacitor was burned.

we would like to replace this, but we cant find in the google "NEd AV7 "capacitor..

Block Image

thank you for your answers.


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Best way to get that one is from a donor board.

That would be C 7621

62UF 0 023 OHM 20% 11V TANT-POLY ASE-B2S

Just before replacing that capacitor you need to find the cause of the problem. That capacitor sits on a 6 V line that got a electrical load of more than that.

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If you don't have any donor boards, check mouser or farnell (mouser has a bigger range in components, farnell does free shipping :))

but like Oros said, could be more problems then just this cap.

Kind regards,


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Hola me gustaría que me ayudara, tengo un problema tengo una macbook air y se apaga cuando va cargando el SO pienso que debe ser un capacitor pero me gustaría sus valores para verificar bien.

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