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MacBook, MacBook Pro 및 MacBook Air에 사용되는 AC 전원 어댑터. 잡아당길 때 안전하게 분리되는 자가-정렬 자성 커넥터를 사용합니다. 1 세대 (2006-2012) MagSafe 충전기는 약간 두꺼운 L 자형 커넥터가 있습니다. 45 W, 60 W 및 85 W 버전으로 제공됩니다.

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MagSafe 2 charger 45W wire replacement issues


I have replaced wire of charger magsafe 2 45w. Now measure pins, and pin2 and pin4 gives me 0,8V power. Maybe something is wrong with charger ?

Maybe it gives that power because wire from china ?

Thanks for any answer

Update (09/29/2017)

I measure magsafe 1 charger from macbook pro 2012 mid, ant pin2 and pin4 shows me 6,7V and something like that. But magsafe 2 only 0,8V±...

How to be sure charger works well ? I don't want damage macbook air.....

Update (09/30/2017)

Then i measure charger wire.... charger end metal trim shows me 3V with all pins inside. It is normal ? Its only on magsafe 2. I try measure magsafe 1 on metal trim and pins, shows zero :)

By the way, macbook air 2014 have any safety on charging port or etc ?

By the way, on magsafe i measure pin 2 and tryed short pin 4 with pin 5, then i got 15V output on pin2 and pin4. So looks like charger works...

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on my magsafe 1 I am getting around 0.2-1.0 V and on my magsafe 2 I am getting 3.16V. I am not well versed in how the plug its self works, but normally if a magsafe connector is a knockoff - it will always have the 16-18V on it and never go into standby.

Try shorting pin 2 or 4 to ground, then lifting it off of ground but still measuring pin 2 or 4. Mine jump to a few volts like it tries to activate to charge but then goes back down to .4-1.0v

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The Magafe 2 connector will normally not have voltage output until it receives a signal from the computer to allow power through (the center pin communicates with the macbook for this reason). That is so it will not short out on other metallic items. It is normal to not have voltage until it is plugged in.

I have never tried a replacement magsafe cable from china, so good luck!

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No, it is wrong to assume something is wrong, comparing its standby potential against a MagSafe 1 power supply. If you did measure before, then you could compare after. That wire from China is not at fault.

Standby output of Apple's MagSafe Power Adapters varies between models.

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