Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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No Dice on Replacing the DC -in Board

My adapter stopped charging my battery so I replaced the DC- in board. This did not change anything. I bought a new adapter - still nothing. The computer will not even turn on if the adapter is hooked up .

Before the issue, I was having no problems with the computers but once the battery went dead that was the last time I have seen it do anything.

Please Help!

Thank you

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Remove the dead battery and see if it will start. If so, replace the battery.

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The laptop did not turn on

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Use a multimeter to test the adapter. Remove the upper case and test the output of the DC IN port with the adapter plugged in. Did you get an original or knock off? What wattage is it? Remove the battery and look at the battery connector to check for corrosion.

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I have not performed the multimeter test but I discovered something else. After I put in the new DC -in board, the LEDS on the batteries were working. Later, while trying a different battery and another adapter, I saw that the LEDS on the original battery were not coming on. Also, the computer DID NOT power-up with a different (charged) batter and/ or with just the adapter plugged in.

In short, the computer is not powering up even with a reliable power source.

What is going on?

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If you get absolutely nothing when pressing the start button, remove the top case and reseat the keyboard to logic board connector. It may not be getting a start signal.

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Okay... I reseat'ed the trackpad ribbon. (Check this out).. As I plugged the adapter back in, the sleep-mode light came on for a second and went away when I moved the computer. I can't make it happen again. I think we are getting close. Now what, mayer?

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