Rear camera issue (compatibility model)

Please guys, i can not find the rear camera of my htc desire 709d on any spart part seller, any idea abt the compatibility models, does the desire 816 or others fits on the desire 709d ?

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Pretty sure I found the same reasonably shady website as @djdannyrock

Other than that I'm guessing none of us could find anything else, even if they're compatible. And none of us are experts on htc. Sorry, we did all we could for ya

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how come when i posted that website im only after getting it marked as spam

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Your posts get flagged as spam automatically by the system if your post only contains a link @djdannyrock

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ok no problem

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According to this link the rear camera module seems to be for both the HTC Desire 700 and the 709D.

If you can access your rear camera you may be able to check if the part number printed on the flex cable of the rear camera matches the part number shown on the flex cable in the picture (click on alternate view of part - below main picture to see reverse side of part ).

If it is the correct part then you could also search online using the part number 54H00507-00M to find other suppliers that may suit you better.

You could also contact the supplier in the link to verify that it is compatible with the 709D. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to the section Customer service and contact to find the details

Hopefully this is of some help.

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