Why are all my photos overexposed?

My Samsung Galaxy Camera (6+ years old, probably in need of an upgrade) has recently starting taking shots which seem over exposed. Video is fine, but still shots are coming out lighter, and in bright conditions almost a white out. Adjusting the exposure and shutter speeds, do not help and the problem is in both auto and manual mode. Pics don't seem blurry, and lens seems clean. Really like this point and shoot camera and don't want to lose it if it can be fixed.

Any ideas??


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does the camera have an exposure compensation setting it'll look like +/-EV..

check to see if this setting and revert it back to 0..

I have the same problem! Been troubleshooting but still have not solved.

The only setting I can find for EV is in the expert mode. There still seems to be a problem even in expert mode. I am suspicious of some sort of light calibration issue.

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