Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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Touch screen quit working all together

My daughters touch was getting flaky and looked like the screen was wet. (it was never in water) I sent it back to apple and they told me tuff luck it was water damaged and sent it back. I figured it was the digitizer so I purchased a new one and replaced it, checked the connections and restored it but still the screen does nothing (the water look has left) I read through the site and keep seeing that the logic board could be at fault. Is there anyway to check the board before I try to find one or could some thing else be at fault?

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There's really no way to tell what the problem is without switching out parts. Concider a local repair shop on this one, it may be a lot cheaper than buying parts that don't need to be replaced.

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The local guy quoted me a price of more than I could send it back to apple for. And the other scraped out my blackberry on an easy solder job. (didn't have a small enough iron to do it my self)

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