LCD has no display after being reopen due to screen lifting

I had a samung s6 come into our store for a screen repair and that was successful but after a week device came back due to screen lifting from frame, when it was resealed device no longer displayed anything device still lights up, notification light still comes on/speakers still make sound soft keys light up and vibrate when touched. and home button functions I've tried multiple screens/color. tried new charge port and battery and still no display looking at the model its tracfone but the motherboard and charge port are g-920v which is a Verizon variant. I'm open to any ideas except plugging charging cable in or changing the battery or try a new screen...

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You more than likely broke the screen when gluing it back. The screens on those are paper thin, you only have to breath near them to break.

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yeah but I've tried new screens and nothing changes we then used these screens on other phones and they display/function just fine

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I'd check that they haven't blown a display ferrite / fuse on the motherboard. I had an Xperia like this recently that displayed a backlight but no image and it needed the display line ferrite replacing.

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