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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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Odd Turning On issue, Only starts on Second attempt

So I got this odd issue with the PS4. I'll map out the scenarios and I hope someone can chime in and guide me in the right direction.

Scenario 1

PS4 is completely off - I got to turn it on hit the Power button unit kicks on, fan starts up, disc starts to spin. No signal on the TV, blue light is flashing. I press the power button again - unit turns off. I press power button for the 3rd time to turn it back on - unit kicks on, fan starts, disc starts and voila unit starts up but not without going through the "checking storage screen" etc. And then it boots into the PS4 menu and console works without a hiccup. If it sequence of beeps or how the unit starts, slows down and then goes to nothing would help to take a video I can do that also to show whats going on.

Scenario 2

PS4 is On - I'm done playing for the evening so I set it to rest mode, come back the next day unit turns on and goes into the PS4 screen, no issues everything works beautifully. Sometimes when I try to turn the console back on from rest mode I have to go through same procedure as mentioned in scenario 1.

Once the unit is the PS4 menu itself it works without issues, I've gamed on it for hours on BF1 and no problems.

Can some of you guide me in the right direction? Searching high and low I can't find these type of symptoms.

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This sounds typical of the solder joints under the APU going bad. These types of symptoms are very common with that problem. This repair should work fine for yours but there's just no way to know how long it will last:

PS4 On & Off Fix

Hope this helps.

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thanks so much for your help and input. What's your believe in adding another pressure point below the PSU as I've seen that mentioned in some spots so it pushes against the metal part?


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Same here, I replaced the hard disk and reinstalled the firmware but no success

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I actually fixed mine. After I posted this I changed out my washers, installed 2 or 3 per clip. Pretty sure it was 3. And it did it, been working now for 3weeks, every time I turn it on the unit starts up perfectly.

The trick is in tightness of those screws just gotta get it right, also if in there replace the old thermal paste mine was all dried up. Clean out the fan of dust - unit will run like new.

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