My headphone is fading songs


So I connected my headphone today with an aux cable to my pc but I noticed that the headphone is fading songs and making an electronic voice, So I tried to connect it to my phone via Bluetooth but it worked normally, So I decided to take a look inside the headphone to see if any wire is out of its place but I found that all wires connected to its place, I tried to reconnect my headphone to my phone via an aux cable but the same thing is happening, I don't know if the port in the headphone is broken or the aux cable how do I differentiate?

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Try using a different AUX cable, If it works it was the cable. if not, it may be the headphones or the device. try a different set of headphones and see if they don't work. if they do work, we've narrowed it down to the headphones!

Thanks for the reply!, I bought a different Aux cable and finally the headphone now is working properly!

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