Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 Plus not turning on after screenreplacement, but screen works


So I just recently changed the battery and the screen for my iPhone 6 Plus and it is not turning on, I tested the screen by using the backup power source (plug in with battery cable disconnected) and the Apple logo showed and everything looked fine.

Could someone tell me what went wrong or what I can do in order to find the problem?


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Well, I just kept on unplugging and plugging in the connections and tried many different things, and it just worked out of nowhere.

The strange part is the metal shield plate covering the battery cable located under the 4 main connections to the screen, when I had it on, the phone would be unpredictable like turn on and be fine for some hours and then turn off unexpectedly and I cannot turn it back on, I removed the metal shield plate and that seemed to have solved the problem somehow, the phone has been working fine for the last day or so.

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Too many variables ;>)...

I would go back and install the original components, assuming they worked nominally. If the phone works fine with the originals, then proceed to replace one item at a time to see where the problem lies.

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@refectio, wouldn't plugging in lightning cable with battery disconnected give the Boot loop? Most likely if it doesn't turn on at all with battery connected, something wrong with battery or charging circuit and not screen. But not a lot of info to work with

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Good point @teetopp , I hadn't noticed that when I read it originally...answering too many questions this morning ;>). Correct, the battery must be connected to boot the phone. Thanks for catching this.

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If the phone works good with a power supply then everything is okay , try an othe battery and tell us what happens after

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