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Why are my fans running to fast?

My fans are always running at high speed. SMC Reset doesn't work. smcFanControl works, but the default speed is over 5000 rpm. Sometimes, fans make a wierd sound, and smcFanControl says its about 200 rpm. Also, smcFanControl only has left fan setting.

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Is your processor temp normal?

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Please report your temp BEFORE you "teardown"...

Sometimes SMC will glitch... very common and no need for teardown.

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The OP stated he reset the SMC.

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Serial # is ********7XJ for mayer.

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i don't know what is the normal temperature for processor it ranges from 130 to 170. i dont do tasks that require a lot of processor power like movies.

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Sounds like it's time to open it up blow the fans out, remove the logic board and clean the heat sink intakes, and replace the thermal paste. There are five machines in the A1286 line, please give the last three letters of your serial number so I can positively identify your exact machine and direct you to the correct teardown. That number is located in your battery compartment. Thanks

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