The wi-fi only version of Apple's iPad Air, model number A1474. Available in Space Gray or Silver, it packs the custom A7 processor and ships in 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB configurations.

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How can I replace the flash storage on the logic board?

After taking my iPad to a technician i was informed that the flash storage (located on the logic board) has failed. How can i fix this? Can the flash storage chip be replaced? Do i need to replace the whole logic board and if so how?

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Technically speaking, the Flash storage can be replaced and it can also be upgraded. That said, this is not a trivial undertaking and there are a few caveats to consider. A repair shop that specializes in micro-soldering repairs and has access to a NAND programmer can do this. Depending on the original error (was it Error 4013?), the NAND may just need to be repaired by the programmer. Regardless, all of these options require removing the NAND IC, programming it (or repairing it) and then re-soldering it on the board.

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@refectio - Clearly not a DIY try of repair ;-}

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What information from the diagnosis would you guys ask from the technician that checked it out, to see what actually is the case?

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Hi Genik. In order to properly diagnose your issue, I would ask you what the original problem was (why you brought to a shop) and what was the history of the device prior to this. For example, was the iPad dropped, damaged, previously repaired (cracked screen?) or if it came into contact with water.

The diagnostic you received is NAND related, which is not a common occurence. So the more we know about what the original problem and symptoms, the more we can guide you.

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Hi Minho, well the iPad was never dropped, never damaged, never repaired and nor did it ever come even close to water.

Before this issue that devastated it, i did experience some shutdowns that i posted here (All of a sudden it shuts down) and a reboot disability posted here (My iPad wont boot, nor can I Restore it). Other than these issues nothing else, but i do believe that all those issues could of been a road map to guide me to this final stage that im into now.

Many thanks for the interest all your guys show, you've been very helpful ;-)

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The flash chip is not really replaceable by its self. You'll need to replace the full logic board. review this IFIXIT guide: iPad Air Wi-Fi Logic Board Replacement

Update (11/16/2017)

Review the IFIXIT teardown here: iPad Air LTE Teardown. The logic board is basically the same as your WiFi only model. Jump down to Step17 to see all the guts and gore of the logic board ;-}

As for getting the part IFIXIT gets them from time to time but quickly are sold out so you could put in your request to be notified here: iPad Air Wi-Fi Logic Board. Just make sure you select the correct one (memory size-wise). Here's one available now: iPad Air Logic Board, 64GB, WiFi, A1474. They also have other sizes.

iPad Air Wi-Fi Logic Board 이미지


iPad Air Wi-Fi Logic Board


iPad Air LTE 이미지


iPad Air LTE Teardown



iPad Air Wi-Fi Logic Board 이미지


iPad Air Wi-Fi Logic Board Replacement


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1 - 2 hours

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Is it possible to pinpoint the flash chip on a logic board photo, so i can know what exactly we are talking about? Where it is etc?


- if Apple doesn't sell Logic Boards, who does, how can i get a replacement?

- suppose i do get a new Logic Board, is there some reprogramming needed to the new part, or any other kind of software attendance so that the iPad is ready?

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