Samsung UN60EH6003FXZA Version HH01 no picture has sound

So this is a long post but the short of it is I am looking to get some help trouble shooting my Samsung UN60EH6003FXZA Version HH01TV

The problem first started with the following

- Blank Screen

- Good Audio

- Backlights on

I replaced the original T-Con board (BN95-00628C) with a (BN95-00944B). I observed the following:

-Backlights not working

- TV turns on and off, without pressing power.

- No picture on screen

I returned this one and purchased another board ( I thought I had a defective part)

New part (BN97-07663A) installed and I experienced the same symptoms.

I started to do some more trouble shooting and discovered I disconnected the ribbon going form the main board to the tcon board at the tcon board. The following happened:

- The picture would come on and appear to be working

- after approximately 30 seconds the picture would start to blink quickly like it was a strobe.

- when tv is turned off you have to disconnect and reconnect the ribbon to get the picture back

Since then I have replaced the Main board (BN94-06143B) with (BN94-06143A). SAME PROBLEM

I also replaced the power supply (BN44-00500B) with the same part number. SAME PROBLEM

I you have any suggestions on what i might have missed please let me know!

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This is possibly an issue beyond a consumers ability to fix. See if you can return it.

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