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The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld gaming device developed as an entry level version of the Nintendo 3DS with nearly identical hardware, but without the 3D upper screen function.

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Black screen and blue light then turns off

So i recently dropped my 2DS, i picked it back up and tried turning it on. It turned on, i know that because the blue light goes on, but then the screens stay off, then after a few seconds the device turns back off. Also while it turns off u faintly hear the speaker make a noise and then it turns off ,just like the device itself.

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Is the console rattling if you shake it a little (that would indicate that a component broke off the main board)?

If not, then I'd suggest that you take it apart using this guide, then rebuild it, to make sure that there are not loose ribbon cables and connections.

If that does not work, I'd look into a screen replacement.

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yeah something is rattling now that say that, i just noticed.

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Alright, now that we know that, we can point you in a right(er) direction. Start by tearing the console down. Find the broken component. Take a picture and attach it to your query.

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