The Xiaomi Mi 4 is the fourth generation of the Mi line of smartphones produced by the Xiaomi Technology Company. It comprises of the latest technology that all phone companies have to offer in the world.

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After done Hard reset, phone not getting on?

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i have done hard reset my mi4a , after done the reset, phone not getting on, its stuck at mi logo only its showing. i have attached snap pls any one help to resolve it?

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Anyone pls help me to resolve this issue?

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I found the steps how to resolve this issue.

pls follow the steps, mi flash file and install in your system. latest firmware for your device.

3.keep your mobile in fastboot mode and connect to system,

4. open mi flash and choose the firmware you downloaded, and give the refresh

5. device will connect and it will shown in miflash and select flash and choose clean all

6. after done my device back to normal

i'm happy now its working fine...

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