Why am I not getting any signal?

Hello. I have had my Dreamcast for about 5 months and I've only played it twice due to my limit of games. The first and second times I have turned them on it worked completely fine. I have not played it or turned it on since then. I recently got a new tv and I tried plugging it in and I was getting no signal. To make sure it wasn't the tv I plugged in my GameCube and it worked like normal. Any fixes or help?

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put some rice krispies in the disc tray

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Does it still work on your old TV?

@vulkus Nope, I was looking at the yellow, white, and red cables to see if they were bent, etc. and I noticed that the red cable was loose and was coming out of the tv easily. Could this be a problem? Do I need to buy a new av cable or is it a problem with the console?

No, the red and white cables are only for sound. The Yellow is the video component. Try another AV cable, just to make sure that the cable isn't faulty.

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