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Samsung에서 제조한 Samsung Galaxy Note 5는 (Note5로 불림) 스타일러스를 탑재한 phablet/패블릿 스타일 휴대폰입니다, 2015년 8월 출시.

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accidental Touchwiz home uninstall

I had my note 5 for a long time now. After having it for some months I decided to root my phone. Every thing went well then I started to uninstall system apps like Power point, Word, samsung email and s voice but I clicked on touchwiz home therefore uninstalling it. I tried getting apks but they all say the samething "The Package conflicts with an exiting package by the same name" I checked in all apps and in file explorer to see if there was a package named the same but did not find it. I have also tried factory reset it did not work.

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Since you have already rooted the phone, the quickest way to fix this would be to backup your files (maybe use Samsung Sync) to a PC/MAC, and then use ODIN to reflash another ROM.

See this forum.

Also, as a note (no pun intended), as of Android 6, you can disable apps so they no longer show up on the launcher.

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