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A mid-range smartphone from HTC, released November 2014.

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Battery Problems - Won't turn on


I know this question is already here but my phone switched off and it hasn't switched on for like almost an hour now. It's currently on the charger and there's no light at all to indicate that it's charging. I tried the "press the volume up/down button + the power button" thing but nothing. Is it a lost cause? My phone has a non-removable battery.


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I'm guessing you tried pressing Volume Down + Power and not Volume down + up and power for 15 seconds already, so after that you tried plugging the charger in but still no response from the phone.

At this point I would consider trying to replace the battery.

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I've tried that now and nothing. I guess I'll have to replace my battery. Thanks!

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hi guys

me also face this problem. but i try something then its charging

1. keep phone charge continue more then 6hr

2. remove battery and charge battery separate (jumber battery waire)

3. heat phone in sun then charge. but its start charging after 3hrs

i think this model has some technical issues


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