Blank Screen-Power button on but the screen won't come on

Hi, Asus Mini Transformer Book 2 in 1, windows 10 OS.

The IPad was originally Windows 8 but it was upgraded to Windows 10;

1. The power light is on when charger is plugged on, it also indicates that its charging

2. White light blinks when I press the power button to switch it on.

3. The LED light on the top of the screen that indicates the Ipad is turned on but does not blink.

4. I have tried pressing the power button and holding onto it for 10 to 20 seconds but still it does not switch on nor switch off.

5. The battery of the Ipad is fully charged. I have also tried leaving the IPad on for couple days now but the battery as not drained out.

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@dpope23 is it an Ipad or is it an Asus? Have you tried to keep it on until the battery drained then retry to start it. I am thinking that this may just be an issue with the LCD...

Hi oldturkey03,

Yes this is an Asus Ipad Mini Transformer windows 10 OS. Yes I have kept it on for the battery to drain out and i will be restarting it. I am not not sure it if is an issue with the LCD screen, because i was watching a movie while the Ipad was connected to the power when out blank.

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