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Wifi Hotspot on MacBook Pro not working

I have set up my macbook pro as a wifi hotspot. I connected to this with my iphone and get "no internet connection" on my phone. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I think you've got things reversed! The phone needs to be the Hotspot so you can leverage its cellular connection to the internet.

Think of it this way... The Internet <> Device A <> Device B

Device A is the hotspot Device B is connecting to.

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If you are trying to share WiFi from a Mac on to an iPhone, you cannot share the WiFi to the iPhone if the Internet source is coming from the Mac's WiFi originally.

You would need to have another Internet connection sourced from either Thunderbolt or Ethernet.

You would then on OS X share by going to Settings --> Sharing, the select Internet sharing from Ethernet to WiFi.

Now, if your iPhone has Internet, and you want your Mac to use the iPhone's Internet, this is usually automatic if you plug the iPhone in via USB cable to the Mac, or via WiFi you turn on "Personal Hotspot" in Settings --> Cellular --> "Set up a Personal Hotspot".

However, your phone service provider needs to allow you to have Hotspot enabled. They usually charge an extra fee for this, so you need to look into your phone bill for Hotspot options and payment.

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Your Mac does not have cellular (sadly). Your mac has to be connected to a network to make a hotspot with internet.

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