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Can I connect the wireless keyboard to my PC?


I wanted to know if can I craft my wireless keyboard to windows PC and not to a Mac.

I'm planning to buy this kind of keyboard for my iPad and I wanted to know if I can use the keyboard for other uses like my computer.

Thanks a lot.

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You would need a bluetooth dongle (USB) and then it should work. The specialty keys might be a problem however but I believe you could workaround that. Link to a sample provided.

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First, thanks. But I want to know, I will need to buy this

Blutooth UBS thing and connect my keyboard throught this?

If it does like this how am I doing this?


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You would only need it for the PC---the iPads have bluetooth built in. To use just plug the dongle into a USB2 port and Windows should find it and guide through thew setup procedures.

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If I will download blutooth program to my computer will I will be able to connect it?

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No a bluetooth program/software without the bluetooth hardware will not allow you to connect your keyboard to the computer. Without bluetooth hardware your computer can't hear the keyboard, doesn't even know it is there.

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If you have a bluetooth card in your computer then yes

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