MacBook Air water damaged and it runs slow

Ok this is a pretty unique situation I think. I bought a 2015 MacBook Air 13” 8gb ram 128gb SSD and the scammer told me it was fully working. It was only 100$ .Lucky for me I’m really good at working on counters . I took it home and it turned on, and it ran SUPER DUPER SLOW. And there was no sound and only half of the keyboard lit up. I took it apart and low behold, it’s nasty inside. I took it 100% apart and cleaned it as much as I can l, the 821-1722 cable was removed entirely, so I bought another one and plugged it in. The computer does not even BOOT with that ribbon cable attached. I take it out and no sound and really slowly and laggy. Apparently it’s a power and audio cable . Also the fan does not spin.I’m sure it’s water damaged bc of the amount of corrosion inside, even though none of the water damaged indicators inside are red . I really need help with this I really want this MacBook Air to work. Any time I plug in that audio ribbon cable and try to power it on using the power supply and battery attached, the SSD kinda gets warm so I know there is power and the light is on on the charger please help

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