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How to fix screen for TV LG 43LH510V

Hello everyone.

Recently I bougth a TV LG 43LH510V in germany and after the transportation I unboxing and I get surprise: The screen is broken.

I put this image:


How can I fix this TV?

Where I buy a screen for this?



Update (01/27/2018)

Hi @oldturkey03, thanks for your answer. Obviously I need replace the screen.

Hi, here the picture:

Block Image

Does anyone know any direct link where they sell the screen?



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Alex sorry can't view your image without signing up to whatever service this is. Consider posting your image right here with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

Not sure how you moved the TV but check if there was any kind of insurance for the transport, on this.

Here is the bad news. The screen cannot be fixed but obviously needs to be replaced. Replacement LCD's are not readily available. If you can find those, they will cost more than the cost for a replacement TV. The only thing you could try is to find the same make, model and panel (check the label affixed to the panel for manufacturer and model of the panel) at places like ebay, craigslist, pawnshops etc. and harvest the screen from that.

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