Tab A 10.1 T580 Blank screen, unable to reset, battery has power. Help

Hi Guys

Ive a Samsung Tab A 10.1 T580. Tabs worked for 18 months without a problem. Tab was used for 30mins then put in sleep mode while we went out for a day. After that could never get the screen working and tab appears lifeless, no backlight or sign off life on the screen. Tried all combinations of soft and hard reset incl removing the battery flexi. Disconnected battery is producing approx. 4V. Plug into PC and PC recognises that's its connected to a Tab A but cant access the files as need to unlock that option on the tab. Though Properties show the tablets firmware and model number and 100% battery but that maybe the PC power source its seeing.

I've put a multimeter across the test points to the right of the Flexi connection and these are not producing any voltages but that maybe because its not powered up?

So question is what do I look at next and how do I test it?

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