The 7th generation Honda Accord

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My car is throwing a code for camshaft Sensor is it timing belt tho?

My car won’t start checked the code and it said camshaft position sensor as I read up on this I c that some mechanics were saying it’s the timing belt and vents or something like that! I am a female so if I just go take it in to shop I will get taken advantage of if I don’t know what to look for. Someone please help I have breast cancer and I am broke, I need to b able to get to doc appointment and store.

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How many miles on this vehicle?

Update (05/07/2018)

If that is the original belt on there it is very likely failed. I further expect this will be costly to fix as well since almost all Hondas are interference engines and when the belt fails valves get bent and the engine must be disassembled to replace bent valves in multiple cylinders. According to a web site I just accessed Honda only make two non interference engines... the 3.0 Liter and the 3.2 Liter if that is what you have.... you may get it fixed for much less... just the belt replacement.

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180000 miles on the car

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