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ROM battery seems dead (date / time lost at every boot)

the date and time are lost every trime I start the machine.

looks like the ROM (or PRAM) battery is dead:

is it possible to replace it? nd how?

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Your machine does not have a PRAM battery. It uses a small capacitor on the logic board that should last for 10-20 seconds while changing the main battery. Your main 47Wh Lithium Ion may need to be replaced. If it has a charge, reset the PRAM by starting up and holding down the Command - Option - P & R keys and wait till you hear it tone three times.

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just bring your sample rom batt to a computer shop....

yes it was possible to replace.. it connects to the time and date... if rom battery was damage.. the time and date never save... it extra power to save the time/date that you save..........

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