Evaporator fans not working

Bought a kenmore elite model 795.74023.410 on 2015 . stopped working 2.25. 2018. Evaporator fans not working and the evaporator coils are crystal clear. Everything else is running but not cooling. Spent over 2k on it and now Sears says my warranty has expired and I should have bought a 5 year warranty.

Two of the repair guys mentioned to buy a new one and forget about this one. Any ideas?

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Well, as PT Barnum once said "There's a sucker born every minute". One look at this page and you'd think one was born every 15 seconds (including me) Sears and LG took advantage of us, selling a big beautiful box with 1000-1400 off the MSRP and we all bought it (literally)

What we ended up doing was getting $500 towards a NEW refrigerator due to their inability to fix the LG. I got the biggest top freezer model made by Whirlpool (and one of the last Whirlpools made for Kenmore) No it's not as fancy as the LG but I'm hoping 4-6 years down the road it'll still be cooling.

You can fight that LG until you are blue in the face and out even more money or let the Sears repair guy take it with him and get it out of your life forever. They fooled us all with this ripoff and no one is coming out ahead here.

You will eventually come to the same conclusion I did. My only regret is trying and trying to fix this good looking pile of junk instead of immediately tossing it and buying a Whirlpool.

Please check that model number, it comes up a a Toro Lawn Mower


Does the evaporator unit "feel" cold? Do not touch it with bare skin as it may stick if it is cold as it should be freezing cold. Use cotton gloves.

Just so we are on the same page. The evaporator unit /evaporator fan is inside the freezer compartment, usually behind a panel. The condenser coils and fan are outside the cabinet at the back, with the compressor unit.

I only mention this as you stated that the evaporator coils were 'crystal clear' so I wasn't sure what you meant. The evaporator unit is usually always clear (icy cold but clear unless there is a problem with the closed refrigerant system - compressor - valve - condenser - lack of refrigerant etc., then it is not as cold or not cold at all) or it's ice encrusted if the fan or defrost heater element doesn't work

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