After restarting my computer. Safari won't open tabs from last session

I know this is not hardware related but this has really been !#^&^$^ me off for the last hour.


I was putting some commands on terminal then I had to restart my computer so the commands would be in place. I checked the box saying "reopen windows when logging back in".

After logging in all safari windows came back up exactly like before (2 Minimised and 2 Open).


I clicked on the History tab on the top and "reopen all windows from last session" was greyed out (can't click it).

I started searching around for a fix and some of them said to fiddle with some settings and restart your computer. I did them and they didn't work.

The thing which is confusing me the most is. ALL MY HISTORY IS THERE. EVERYTHING. But it can't open my last window sessions. Some of the tabs are from a while ago so they didn't properly load and won't be in my history from yesterday but from a few days ago. And finding those tabs will be extremely difficult.

I will do anything to get my windows back so please don't hesitate to leave a reply.

Any replies would be highly appreciated.

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Do you have any extensions active in Safari?

Just Adblock Plus. I've had it for a long time and this has never happened before.

But I have recently installed High Sierra (2 days ago).

I have the same problem

having exact same problem did you ever figure this out?

What I tried but I think I was too slow is downloading a data recovery app. I recommend to use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. Try the trial version first to see if the file is there. The Last Session file in safari is LastSession.plist. It's in the Library folder of Safari. Go on the Library Folder then click the Safari folder and the file will be there. If you recover the old LastSession.plist file replace the current one with the old one and you'll get the old session back.

To prevent from this happening again download Session Restore extension and Sessions extension for Safari and this will help from ever happening again.

I've had is for a while and no issues with both extensions and very happy with them. You can also download your current extension and thus backing it up. Which can be very useful in the future.

By the way, do the Data Recovery as fast as possible because I didn't do it fast enough and I couldn't find the file because I was too slow and the file deleted itself.

Best of luck!

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