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Samsung의 주력 휴대폰 Galaxy S8. 2017년 4월 출시.

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Boot loop on att logo

I just relaced a customers lcd screen replacement for their galaxy s8 att model. No the phone is in a boot loop, it will get to the att logo, freeze there and then restart. It will not let me into recovery mode or into safe mode. I do not know if it had this issue before because the lcd was broken, please help. Thank you!

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This could be caused by a number of things:

- not making a connection with the screen flex

- bad part

- battery went bad

- when screwing the phone back together you could have overtightened the screws on the motherboard, which can cause many issues.

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Let me know what ends up being your fix, I'm curious to know.

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None of those suggestions helped sadly. :(

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I never screwed in the screws so that isn't it either

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well all I could say is that if you troubleshooted your connection, it might just be a bad part

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