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HP Deskjet 3530 All-in-One Printer Series - Regulatory Model Number: SNPRH-1102

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Why won't the printer black ink work

Bought new cartridge and the printer still will not print in black.

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I have the same problem

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Where did you get the ink? Is it a new cartridge? Is it an official HP or is it a 3rd party?

HP sometimes has a form of "DRM" built in where you have to use new (not recycled) and HP branded ink. So even if the cartridge is an HP cartridge but it has been re-filled or refurbished by the 3rd party, it may not work due to HP not wanting it to work.

So if you print in color that works, only black does not?

There is also the possibility that the print head needs to be cleaned. Please use the menu or software to run a cleaning cycle on the printer as well.

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