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2016년 9월 16일 출시. Model 1660, 1778. GSM 또는 CDMA / 32, 128 또는 256 GB / 로즈 골드, 금색, 은색, 검정색, 칠흑색으로 제공됩니다.

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iPhone acting up, can’t do anything

So I dropped my phone and it worked fine afterwards, then two days go by then all of the sudden when I try to call someone on FaceTime, my phone glitches and once the call connects the screen turns black & it says “reconnecting.” When I try to make phone calls, there’s no ringing and I am unable to hear whoever is on the other line whether I’m using headphones, putting the phone up to my ear, or putting it on speaker mode. When all of this was happening I was still able to play videos & listen to music, then last night after listening to music, all of my sounds disappeared. Now I can’t listen to anything and videos won’t even play. I have tried turning the phone on & off, but everytime I turn the phone off, it stays off and will loop on the Apple logo.

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Chances are the audio chip on your phone has gone bad.

Microsoldering is required to fix this problem.

You may be able to find someone that does board level repairs from a reputable mobile phone shop that offers a no fix no fee model.

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Like @benjamen50 said, this is a common failure on the iPhone 7/7+ and you need to find a reputed shop that will replace the audio Codec chip and reconnect as well broken traces underneath that chip. This last step is critical otherwise the phone will not be fixed or only temporarily - I say that because I’ve see some people only reflow or reball that Codec chip.

Be sure to pull a back-up ASAP, and specially before having it opened for repair.

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That does sound like a logic board problem. Unfortunately, Costs to fix such problems are usually close to--or more expensive than--replacing the phone. Have you considered selling the broken unit on ebay for parts and putting the profits towards a new/used phone? The market on ebay for broken devices is generally very attractive.

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I disagree. At the time Of writing this, a repair like this is will cost 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of the device used. Meaning if you sell it for parts say $50-$80 -$100, and buy a used one say for $350, the cost is $250 to own the same device again. BUT the new/used device will still have the same weakness that caused your original device to fail.

Whereas repairing your device (if done properly with jumpers) will future proof it against this same design weakness.

It will also cost $80-$150 (really depends on labor cost such as if you’re in China, India, Poland, Albania, the USA or the UK.

I would highly recommend trying to get if fixed by someone reputable that stands behind their warranty and offer no-fix-no-fee. In which case if the repair is successful, you pay. If not, you can then proceed to sell if for parts. And usually the success rate on those is pretty high. As long as the tech is an experienced one and has well calibrated tools.

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